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Changzhou Enterprise Technology Center
source:本站  Release time:2020-02-28
The technical center of the company was established in 2014. At the beginning of its establishment, the leading group, technical committee and expert committee of the technical center were established, the working regulations of the technical center were established, the organizational structure of the technical center and the post responsibilities of all kinds of personnel at all levels were defined, a complete relevant management system was formulated, and the work of the technical center was carried out in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the system.

In order to ensure the rapid and healthy development of the company's technology center, the company takes not less than 4% of the sales revenue as the R & D fund every year, which is used for the activity funds of various scientific research activities of the technology center and the purchase of advanced scientific research instruments and equipment, and employs professors of metal materials and related disciplines of Jiangsu University and Changzhou University as the consultant of the technology center to research and develop the high-tech products of the enterprise Guidance and technical consultation for improvement and R & D of process tooling. Strive to apply for no less than 3 invention patents and 5 utility model patents every year, and introduce corresponding professional graduates from Jiangsu University and Changzhou University for targeted training, so as to enhance the scientific research strength and reserve talents of the technology center.

At present, the company continues to develop new production processes in such advantageous fields as wind power generation, rail transit, feed machinery parts, etc., which has achieved good economic benefits for the company, accounting for more than 60% of the company's sales; in the future, in the fields of marine forgings, aerospace, etc., it will develop new products and new processes as the company's new economic growth point, which will make the company's sales and output value more Go up a new step.
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