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Changzhou new energy forging forming and Control Engineering Technology Research
source:本站  Release time:2020-02-28
Relying on Liyang Jinkun Forging Co., Ltd., the center has 33 engineering and technical personnel, including 2 with senior professional title and 1 with intermediate professional title. Six professors from Jiangsu University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shandong University and Nanchang University are invited to enrich the research and development team of the company, and carry out technical guidance and research and development.

The center's financial accounting is independent, and its research and development investment is increasing year by year. In 2015, the center's research and development investment reached 8 million yuan.

The center has strong research and development capabilities, including four pilot workshops and one testing center, with a total value of 5 million yuan of technical equipment. The center is committed to providing technical support for the development of high-quality forgings and undertaking the quality inspection of forgings and other products of Liyang Jinkun Forging Co., Ltd.

The goal of the center is to independently research and develop wind power gear box forgings of more than 2MW, focusing on the development of coastal and offshore wind power forgings, with the technical level reaching the advanced level of similar products in foreign countries; improve the banded structure of wind power gear box forgings, and obtain the national invention patent; apply the precision forming technology of wind power gear box forgings, and complete the free forging production process finalization of wind power gear box forgings To master the homogenization control technology of the ring die forging organization of the biomass granulator; to formulate 2-3 enterprise standards for the production technology specifications, technology and quality of the target products (wind power gearbox forgings, biomass energy forgings, etc.), and to recommend to the industry association various forging forming and control technologies and testing services, and to recommend 2-3 new processes and standards to the industry, Make due contribution to the development of forging industry and its related industries (wind power generation, biomass energy).

Through the cultivation in recent years, a new energy equipment forging product echelon with rich achievements in various stages has been formed, which has made a significant contribution to the scientific and technological innovation of Liyang Jinkun Forging Co., Ltd.
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